CoMakr Tools

  • Native messaging on CoMakr

  • Timeline (Calendar and Task Management)

  • Skill Quizzes

  • Various API Integrations (IE: Slack, Figma, Loom, etc.)

Native Messaging

Messaging provides a seamless work experience, allowing users to communicate from anywhere at any time. It is designed for extensive file sharing and continuous communication. In addition, Messaging is tied to the timeline tool to share Timeline tasks in messaging.


The Timeline tool employs a dual feature- task management and calendar. This tool is built to visualize the availability of team members and freelancers based on time zones and where they are overlapping. This way, users can focus on utilizing that time and setting meetings. Tasks are assigned to team members, and these are added to a timeline (calendar) with start and end dates. The Timeline has milestones and deadlines to ensure projects are delivered in a stress-free manner. Timeline provides seamless management with simple and effective tools.

Timelines are used by room managers, and permissions are managed by them. Clients are able to see only a portion of the timeline, which are boxes with task details, the person it is assigned to, start and end dates, and progress updates. Milestones and deadlines are shared with the client. This is done in a simplistic way to ensure the client is not caught up in work and the management of it but focused on the results.

Skill Quizzes

Skill quizzes are available to ensure freelancers provide the correct information based on their knowledge and skills. The clients can see what their scores are on their profiles. Clients can combine Quiz scores with reviews and badges to make a better hiring decision.


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