Ready Rooms (Teams)

What are Ready Rooms (Teams)?

Ready Teams are intended for users excited to get moving fast with a pre-built team who is up for the task. They are created by freelancers who team up and offer their services in predefined packages. In this type of room, the client will work with a manager to take the project from start to finish.

Ready teams are best used for:

  • Contracting predefined packages

  • Comparing various offerings

  • Scoping the timeframes of various deliverables

Freelancers Work Best Together

Freelancers are encouraged to band together to create Ready Teams, share ideas, build Storefront products, and much more. This is facilitated via the “follow” feature and discovery system based on language, location, interests, and gig history. Further, CoMakr’s networking suggestions are also based on the requirements of projects. All suggestions will show projected income and benefits that come with joining rooms. The "follow" feature is helpful for credibility and allows users to keep up to date with events, insights, etc., adding a professional social media component to the CoMakr ecosystem. It will be another way for companies and individuals to engage beyond just job listings.

Ready Rooms UI

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