What is MAKR Tank?

Makr Tank is a forum for CoMakr community members to gather and share ideas. The user is known as the "Inventor" of the idea or question that they post. Other Inventors will be able to respond with feedback. Users may also connect if they wish to work together on the same idea. Furthermore, there is a tipping system where users can tip an Inventor by means of Makr tokens.

The tips are stored within the escrow contract. Up-voting and down-voting of projects is another feature of Makr Tank to assist projects that are deemed as having more merit and become more visible to users. Ideas with many votes will show up on the top of the Idea Board allowing investors to easily acquire and start developing them. Projects which are being worked on are stored in GitHub repositories. Users who wish to contribute connect to them via smart contracts. Users can assist in completing projects and can be paid in fiat or earn tokens from the project.

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