Benefits of using MAKR Rooms

Freelancer Benefits

  • Higher-income via lower fees and lucrative monetization opportunities

  • Ability to sell templates and creative work on Storefront

  • Expertise sharing via Co-Learn and user network

  • Robust public portfolio

  • An audited fair rating system

  • Diverse, flexible payment options

  • Verified clients via third-party KYC

  • File sharing and accessible communication

  • Timeline tool (Progress tracking tool)

Benefits For Entrepreneurs

  • Teamlancing and accommodations for larger projects

  • Organized, diverse flexible payment options

  • Options verified freelancers via third-party KYC

  • Progress tracking tools

  • Private contract agreements

  • Security you can trust

Overall Benefits

  • First-in-class Teamlancing

  • Competitively low transaction fees

  • Storefronts for the sales and purchase of creative works, templates, etc.

  • Content-rich profiles that include work experiences, ratings, badges, and more

  • Public and private contract agreements

  • Versatile packages for individual needs

  • Accessible CoMakr messaging features

  • Professional networking tools

  • Progress tracking tools such as calendars, milestones, etc.

  • Room API- users that allow the creation of Makr Rooms on different applications

  • Collaboration amongst other Makr Rooms with secured permission systems

  • Filters to find local teams by country and city

  • Expertise sharing via Co-Learn and user network

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