Dispute Resolution and Feedback

Dispute Resolution

A peer-to-peer system handles CoMakr disputes. If third-party input is required, both parties can request MAKR governors to become involved in the matter. Governors who help solve the issue will receive payment from both parties. The amount can be decided by the parties involved. This offers a simple, decentralized, unbiased framework for resolutions.


Rating System

Feedback is a crucial part of an online marketplace. Project recruiters can rate the work conducted on a scale of 1-5 (One being poor and five being excellent). Freelancers, teams, and clients alike can rate each other based on the clarity of communication, promptness of completing tasks, etc. Ratings can be paired with comments to provide further insight into the interaction. All ratings and comments will become visible once both parties have written them.


Multiple achievement badges will offer further insights into top talent in the CoMakr Ecosystem. These will be displayed right below images of Makr Rooms and Freelancers.

Badges consist of:

· Certificates

· Diplomas

· A show of promptness

· A display of excellent communication

· Proof of meeting deadlines

· A vouch for quality work

There will be many more badges based on feedback given from the community.

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