Escrow Contract

CoMakr's escrow feature ensures a fair experience for both parties. CoMakr is a marketplace where people can meet and safely build projects with the help of smart contracts. When a job starts, the payment is automatically moved into a temporary safe deposit account (escrow), where it will be held until the job is completed.

How does the Escrow Work?

The seller’s payment (fiat or cryptocurrency) is automatically transferred into a secure escrow when a job starts.

Note: The amount transferred into the escrow is the payment amount plus the platform fees

How Does the Escrow Help Clients?

The client’s payment will stay in escrow until both parties agree on the completion of the job.

How Does the Escrow Help Freelancers?

The payment is held in a secure escrow contract which ensures the payment will be delivered upon the completion of the project.

Once the job is completed and confirmed, the client can release the payment from escrow to the freelancer or team. This will mark the completion of the job and contract. Team members will get their payments separately. At the beginning of each project, it will be decided how much each team member will receive and how they will receive it.

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